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Promoted and run by healthcare entrepreneurs based out of Florida, Anion offers time tested, high dollar saving BPO services spread across a broad range of segments including Payers, Providers, Hospitals and IPAs (Independent Provider Associations), and ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations)

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Dr Pagidipati Devaiah

Dr.Devaiah stands as a living example for Success through Hardwork. Born and brought up in a very small rural area in South India, he managed to top all through his academic career and entered the Medical field. He completed post graduation and training in Anesthesiology and sub-specialty in pediatric anesthesia at Harvard Medical School’s Children Hospital Boston. He started teaching at University of Tennessee in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. He then went on to become chief of Anesthesia at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, also in Memphis, TN. In 1994, Dr. Devaiah took retirement from medical practice and moved to Florida. He joined Dr.Rudrama in running and growing Suncoast Labs, a clinical lab in Florida. Later the entrepreneurial zeal in Dr.Devaiah pushed him to start Anion Healthcare, a BPO catering to the service needs of Health Insurance industry.

Pagidipati Rahul

Rahul founded and served as the Director of Anion Technologies Ltd., a software outsourcing firm, and Anion Healthcare Services, since 1999. He is the managing partner of the Pagidipati Family Limited Partnership which holds significant investments in both public (ITEX,, J. Alexanders, and others) and private corporations. Rahul has a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Florida, a Master of Business Administration degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern University School of Law. Rahul served on the Board of Directors of Suncoast Labs, and Freedom Health. He is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida.

Brij Mohan Mandala
C. E. O

Brij is the CEO of Anion Healthcare Services. He is responsible for the operations at Anion, Hyderabad. He has well over 20 years of experience as a Senior Management and Technology expert. He leads the team at Anion on the strategy, business, and operations. He has a deep knowledge on functional space across multiple verticals. His career started at the Old Dominion University, USA as Teaching Assistant, and moved onto a Research Assistant role on a NASA project. Later he worked on Oracle technology and executed several projects on offshore basis. Subsequently, with a group of investors, he started Pointsoft in India and ran the company as CEO till 2007. Bartronics acquired Pointsoft in 2007 and Brij joined them as Senior Vice President heading E-Governance and Insurance Smart Cards Projects. Brij has a Masters in Computer Engineering from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

Prabhuram Deekaram
VP operations

Has 19 years of experience in healthcare BPO operations including 5 years of onsite work. Handled both voice and non-voice processes and transitioned several projects. Started as a process associate and worked his way up to VP operations level with his hard work, dedication and knowledge in the healthcare operations. Throughout his career, he hired and trained several associates and been instrumental in creating leaders. Moved his family from Chennai to work for Anion and heading the provider side operation since 2014.



Previous billing company unexpectedly stopped rendering services and billing was on halt for about 6 months in 2006. We took over the project in Oct 2006 and with in 3 months we cleared off the entire backlog. And combined collection is increased to about 300K by end of 2009, from only 150K down then.

“Anion does outstanding work when it is really needed”

Sriram VP operations – FMA


We started off with 10% of work, back in 2006 for Global TPA with just one project; by end of 2009 we were given 3 projects based on the quality and the speed we picked up in short time. Now we do about 70% of the work for them. Anion’s quality and ability to scale up fast per clients requirements, enabled us to get 3 projects pipelined for 2010.

“Anion does exceptional good job under pressure”

Lucy O’Connor VP operations – Global TPA


With our expert knowledge in pathology billing, we could get Prime Dx project. Prime Dx was struggling with immature software and feeble collections. There were lot of delinks in every process result of which is huge AR.

We took over billing part on Oct 2009 and with in 3 months we could streamline a lot of processes on billing side and improved the collections.

“They are available 24X7 and put extra efforts to comfort the client”

Su – Formerly Prime Dx Director


“We were facing major trouble with back office. That’s when Anion stepped in and took away our trouble, helping us concentrate on what we are good at – our business. It is amazing to see the team at Anion extend their hours to ensure that we get our billing and payments done in pretty short duration”

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